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5 Struggles of a Quiet Programmer

If you are a quiet programmer and face the above struggles at your workplace, you can understand .With little to no visibility, the pace of your career growth will be much slower than your peers with similar programming skills.
5 Struggles of a Quiet Programmer

There are two types of programmers :one chooses to maintain their calm and keep quiet; the other finds it challenging to speak up and therefore stays quiet.

The first category of programmers has high confidence in their ability. They know when to speak up, gain appropriate visibility, and seize the best opportunities in their career.

However, the second category find it hard to express their ideas and concerns. Ultimately their quiet nature makes it difficult for them to progress in their career.

Look at the daily struggles of the latter category of quiet programmers.

1. They Don’t Get Space to Talk in the Meetings:

It is hard to imagine a workday of a software developer without any meetings. Imagine how much struggle it must be for them during virtual calls where no one can even see that they are trying to say something.

They find themselves helpless where they have to struggle to make space to present their view.

2. They Fail To Get Visibility for Their Work

Presentation skills for showcasing your talent is an absolute necessity for growth in this profession.

Given two people with comparable skill and knowledge, the manager will prefer the developer who always speaks confidently. These developers can convey the message effortlessly.

3. They Find It Hard to Share Their Ideas

Sometimes, the quiet programmers speak up and offer their perspectives on the subjects. But often, their opinions are superseded by arguments presented by someone with a louder and heavier presence in the discussion.

Without being able to share their ideas, quiet programmers feel demotivated.

4. People Assume They Lack Leadership Quality

Leadership quality is much valued in the software engineering profession. To be a leader in any area, you need to communicate. But as we already know, quiet programmers find it hard to present themselves among a group of people.

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