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Amazon Using AI To Better Understand Customer Search Queries

Being an early adopter of AI and automation, Amazon always had an edge over its counterparts in using AI to improve business efficiencies.
Amazon Using AI To Better Understand Customer Search Queries

Amazon is applying continuous AI is to better understand their customer search queries and what is the reason they are looking for a particular product. For an e-commerce company to make relevant recommendations to its customers, it is not only crucial for them to know what their customers searched for, but it is also critical to understand why a customer is searching for a product. Understanding the context can help the retailer to recommend complementary items to its customers, and Amazon is intent to work out this puzzle by applying AI to the problem.

Source- https://image.slidesharecdn.com/awsloft-aiday-overviewsfjan19-170120023624/95/introduction-to-artificial-intelligence-ai-at-amazon-9-638.jpg?cb=1484879829

Amazon continues to improve its algorithms, customers shopping on Amazon will see increasingly relevant shopping recommendations. According to Amazon, such research could open a whole new prospect for personalized digital shopping assistants.

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How Amazon Is Using AI To Better Understand Customer Search Queries
Amazon using AI and machine learning to predict the context from their customers’ search queries, augmenting the quality of search results.
Source- https://analyticsindiamag.com/how-amazon-is-using-ai-to-better-understand-customer-search-queries/

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