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Case Based Reasoning(CBR) in Machine Learning

Case-based reasoning, broadly construed, is the process of solving new problems based on the solutions of similar past problems
Case Based Reasoning(CBR) in Machine Learning

Case-based reasoning is based on the paradigm of human thought in cognitive psychology that contends that human experts derive their knowledge from solving numerous cases in their problem domain.

Source- https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Lin-Ma-41/publication/27466341/figure/fig1/AS:646076528869376@1531048056256/Case-based-reasoning-lifecycle.png

Applications of CBR includes:

  1. Problem resolution for customer service help desks, where cases describe product-related diagnostic problems.
  2. It is also applied to areas such as engineering and law, where cases are either technical designs or legal rulings, respectively.
  3. Medical educations, where patient case histories and treatments are used to help diagnose and treat new patients.

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A Closer Look at AI: Case-Based Reasoning | Brighterion AI | A Mastercard Company
Brighterion uses artificial intelligence to create case-based reasoning systems efficient in risk monitoring, financial markets, defense, marketing and more.
Source- https://brighterion.com/artificial-intelligence-101-case-based-reasoning/

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