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Company Profile

Company Profile

A Company Profile is a description of all the relevant facets of a business. It is a summary that communicates essential information about the organization. So it becomes necessary for the organization to keep their details updated. Probyto AI provides you a feature that lets you set up your company's basic profile and start onboarding various departments of your organization.

You can also-

  • Setup Organization with basic details and logo
  • Add departments and configure them activate/deactivate accordingly.

To access or update your organization's details follow the given steps-
Step-1 Click on the Admin Panel Tab located at the last on the Home screen of your Probyto portal.
step-2 Click on the Company Profile Option.


  • At the top, you will see Profile section from where you can see all the details related to your organization.
  • You can also edit your organization's details by clicking on the Edit button, given on the right side of the screen.

You can also add or edit your organization's departments by providing the necessary details.


To add a new department, follow these steps:
Step-1 Click on Add Department Button.
Step-2 Fill out th appered form with the necessary details and click on create.


To edit details of the department, follow these steps.
Step-1 Click on the Edit button, given at the bottom for each department individually.
Step-2 Fill in all the necessary details in the form.
There you can also edit the status of that particular department, whether it's active or inactive, according to your needs.