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Course on Deep Learning and Machine Learning

This 4-days introductory course is designed to expand your knowledge on Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Gain world class education and expand your technical knowledge.
Course on Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Trainer: Probyto Data Science & Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Partners: EICT - IIT Guwahati & NIT Meghalaya

Introduction to Python


  • Introduction to Python Packages
  • Exploratory Data Analysis Pipeline


  • A Comprehensive ML Workflow with Python
  • Multi-class Classification using Wine Dataset


  • Write your first Deep Learning program, 'Hello World'
  • FMNIST Dataset using Multi-layer Perceptron
  • Convolutions - How do they work?
  • FMNIST using CNN
  • Overfitting in Cats vs Dogs Dataset
  • Augmentation in Cats vs Dogs
  • Transfer learning with Dropout
  • Multiclasslabels in CNN

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