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Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is the process in which transactions between users are verified and added to the blockchain public ledger.
Cryptocurrency Mining

The term "Cryptocurrency Mining" means gaining cryptocurrencies by solving cryptographic equations through the use of computers. This process involves validating data blocks and adding transaction records to a public record (ledger) known as a blockchain.

Source- https://sectigostore.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/what-is-crypto-mining-cryptomining-farm-940x588.jpg

Cryptocurrency mining is an interesting alternative to the traditional centralized systems that currently operate throughout the world. However, it’s very taxing in terms of computer and power resources and isn’t feasible for many users as a result.

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What Is Crypto Mining? How Cryptocurrency Mining Works | InfoSec Insights
What is crypto mining? The cryptocurrency market is picking up interest and value. Discover what crypto mining is & how it works.
Source- https://sectigostore.com/blog/what-is-crypto-mining-how-cryptocurrency-mining-works/

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