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What is Data Mining?

Informally, It's the process of using a computer program to find patterns or relationship in data. It is the incorporation of quantitative methods which includes mathematical equations, algorithms, methods and techniques.
What is Data Mining?

We are in the information economy and what you have is more and more data being generated in every aspect . You can think of every time you swipe your grocery and when you try to get a discount for buying whatever products data being downloaded to database on most transaction you do there is some sort of data download organisations are storing processing and analysing data more than any time in history and that trend is going to continue to grow.

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Data mining is the incorporation of quantitative methods we'll call a mathematics methods that may include mathematical equation algorithms some of your prominent methodologies are traditional logistic regression neural networks segmentation classification clustering those are all methods  that utilise mathematics data mining is applicable across industry.


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Data Mining definition - What is meant by the term Data Mining ? meaning of IPO, Definition of Data Mining on The Economic Times.

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