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How Data Science Is Changing The World

Data and analytics are used everyday in our day to day life. for ex- in growing business, doing social good , educational system as well as health diagnostics or solution to many other problems.
How Data Science Is Changing The World

From preventing blindness and treating drug and alcohol addiction to fighting poverty, data science is being utilized not only as a business tool – but for the greater good of society.


Here's how:

Helping the world to see- 0ur data scientists has addressed the issue called visual impairment . According to the World Health Organization, we’re on the way of a blindness epidemic, with an estimated 1.8 billion people currently living with some form of visual impairment. So, to fight this, Microsoft has shared its cloud technology and machine learning techniques-country where over 55 million people suffer from reduced vision.

so similar systems have also been been developed to identify other critical cases without going to doctor.

Empowering the developing world- There are lot of initiatives aimed at developing countries with the analytics of data. ex- Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Google are all supporting analytics programs to make sure they can make the most of this data. So that countries will be much better equipped to improve agricultural performance, overcome the risk of weather events etc.

How is Data Science Changing the World?
In this article, you will go through the role that a Data Scientist plays. There is a veil of mystery surrounding Data Science. While the buzzword of Data Science has been circulating for a while…

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