Internet is becoming diverse and complicated than ever before. Our financial life to social life is driven by internet. This makes it important to safeguard the cyber world from un-wanted malicious agents. Probyto is getting equipped to use machine learning algorithms for cyber security which also connects with application, information and network security.

The recent attacks of ransomware, botnets, and other vectors has been increasing the organizational risk and they are looking for sophisticated machine learning algorithms for anomaly detection as an alternative to the ineffective static signature-based approaches.

Working Flow

The following brief summary from one of the AT&T presentation provides a good starting point for machine learning applications in cyber security.

Key Challenge

  • Real time data for training and testing the machine learning models.
  • Infrastructure (Sandbox/Test beds) to simulate attacks and create detection mechanism.
  • Understanding advanced and sophisticated network and application security architectures.

The High Level Solution Archictecture!


Applications in Industry

  • Ability to protect enterprise applications from cyber threats
  • Identify data exfiltration
  • Detect VPN user behavior anamolies

Applicable Industry

Any industry with potential IT Infrastructure. We will also provide services for doing penetration testing on the IT infrastructure and create an assessment report of potential vulnerabilities.