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Introduction to the Energy Data Analytics Lab

Energy analytics generally describes the process of collecting electrical data and applying sophisticated analytical software and algorithms to deliver insights around consumption and time of use reductions.
Introduction to the Energy Data Analytics Lab

The Energy Data Analytics Lab is focused on making use of those new and growing sources of energy data trying to find the information in value in previously untapped data sources transform those using machine learning techniques statistical modelling , data mining , data visualisation to actually actualise increased reliability of system decreasing system costs, increasing environmental sustainability of different system. so all of this is the goal of the Energy Data Analytics Lab.

Energy Data Analytics Lab Projects.

1: Distributed Solar Panel Estimation.

2: Smart Meter Building Data Analytics.

3: Energy Behavioral Nudge vs Automation.

4: Changing Elasticity of Natural Gas Supply.

5: Improving Hot Water Heater Energy Efficient.

6:Energy System Failure Prediction.

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Energy Data Analytics Lab | energy.duke.edu

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