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Is machine learning magic?

Machine learning (ML) is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on building applications that can automatically and periodically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.
Is machine learning magic?

Once you start seeing how easily machine learning techniques can be applied to problems that seem really hard (like handwriting recognition), you start to get the feeling that you could use machine learning to solve any problem and get an answer as long as you have enough data. Just feed in the data and watch the computer magically figure out the equation that fits the data!

But it’s important to remember that machine learning only works if the problem is actually solvable with the data that you have.


For example, if you build a model that predicts home prices based on the type of potted plants in each house, it’s never going to work. There just isn’t any kind of relationship between the potted plants in each house and the home’s sale price. So no matter how hard it tries, the computer can never deduce a relationship between the two.

So remember, if a human expert couldn’t use the data to solve the problem manually, a computer probably won’t be able to either. Instead, focus on problems where a human could solve the problem, but where it would be great if a computer could solve it much more quickly.

Why is Machine Learning so magical?
I have been working with Machine Learning for a couple of years and now as an instructor at School of Data Science. At first it felt like magic: you have some data (in my case computer game data)…

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