Most businesses grow and shrink over time, and the business you have today isn’t the business you’ll have in six months, let alone in one, three or five years. Growth and business tides — upsurges and down surges — are key reasons why it’s important to scale infrastructure the right way.

What is Scalability?

A scalable system can increase or reduce its performance, resources and functionalities according to user’s needs. We are talking about a very flexible infrastructure, customizable for each company’s requirements and able to respond to specific needs immediately. In computing, scalability is a characteristic of computers, networks, algorithms, networking protocols, programs and applications. An example is a search engine, which must support increasing numbers of users, and the number of topics it indexes. Webscale is acomputer architectural approach that brings the capabilities of large scale cloud computing companies into enterprise data centers. High-scalability allows to optimize the overall efficiency of the system and get cost-savings.

Types of Scalability

There are two types of scaling available, horizontal and vertical. Horizontal scaling or Scale Out means you scale by adding more machines into your Cloud architecture so that they work as a single unit in order to grow the number of application instances you can run at any one time. Vertical scaling or Scale In means you add more power (CPU and RAM) to the existing hardware instances you manage for the same reason. In the first case, you have more instances; in the second, you have bigger instances.

A lot of companies don’t differentiate between the two in their day-to-day operations — or optimize them for that matter.

Importance of scalability in AI based application platforms

A scalable AI system provides several benefits, here are the most important ones:

  • Managed cloud: Use Managed Services to deploy and test features and updates automatically without compromising on performance or security. Deliver innovations anytime, anywhere with our continuous integration and delivery pipeline.
  • Multi-site management: Control the mobile and web properties from one platform, maintaining brand identity across campaigns and messaging. Let business users across geographies update region-specific changes to maintain relevance.

Scalability in Pobyto’s AI Platform

Probyto uses latest ,managed cloud based deployment though these:

  • Scale your Business with AI:  Buy off the shelf AI solutions or ask for customized development of solutions to boost your sales or reduce cost
  • Best Data Science Team:  Get access to full stack data science team to help build and scale your business with innovative solutions
  • Subscription payment Model:  Have predictable cost of running AI with subscription model. The price grows only when your business grows.