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Machine Learning Usecases 09-Transportation

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a special algorithm programmed to perform a particular function. Machine learning is a more narrow sub-niche of AI since the algorithm learns while performing operations and applying pre-defined parameters.
Machine Learning Usecases 09-Transportation

Machine learning uses algorithms to build a model based on data in order to make predictions or decisions that don’t involve human intervention and programming. These algorithms are used in a variety of applications where conventional algorithms are not enough to perform the needed tasks.

Machine learning can be approached in 3 different ways:

Supervised learning – this method implies the presentation of example inputs and their desired outputs to a computer with the main goal being to learn a general rule that maps inputs and outputs.

Unsupervised learning – the algorithm has no examples to learn from, it is left on its own to find structure in its input. This serves as a goal itself and a means toward an end.

Reinforcement learning – this implies that the computer interacts with a dynamic environment having to perform a specific goal, for instance, driving a vehicle, filling in data, playing a game, etc.

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