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ML Environment

ML Environment

Probyto AI provides its users to build their ML models using their choice of programming language in a cloud hosted environment. Out of the box support for Python, R, and Java is provided using Jupyter Notebooks platform.

To access ML Environment, follow these steps.
Step-1. Go to Machine Learning in left navigation bar.

Step-2. Click on ML Environments.

In ML Environment, you can connect with any Programming language whichever is best suited for your organization. Probyto AI, by default, is providing Python(Jupyter) for this purpose, but you can use other languages also. For that you will need to click Configure button located below each programming language name. From that you will need to raise a support ticket for the same.

Incase if you are using other programming language apart from the one available on Probyto portal, you can request Probyto for the same by clicking on Request More option and can raise a support ticket.