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ML Notebook

ML Notebook

ML notebooks have become an integral tool for data scientists across the world. Notebooks are highly-interactive multi-purpose tools that not only let you write and execute code but, at the same time, analyze intermediate results to gain insights while working on a project.

  1. To access ML Notebooks, click Machine Learning on the left navigation bar.

2. Click ML Notebook.

3. Click Add Notebook.

4. Fill the relevant details.

5. After adding ML Notebook, you will see all the notebooks you have added on the home screen of ML Notebook with its description, ML Model, updated by, activation status etc. as shown in the below picture.

6. To edit or configure ML Notebook, Click on the name of any ML Notebook.

7. On the second Level page of ML Notebook, You will find Configure, Click on Configure.

8. Fill all the details such as-

  • Enter the Key- In this option, you need to provide configurations for successful integrations.
  • Enter the Value-In this option, you need to give the detail or the link related to your Key.

Then click Submit.
After adding all the configurations, it will be shown below in ML Notebooks Details.

9. You can also edit your ML Notebook details, To edit ML Notebook, Click Edit ML Notebook.
Fill all the relevant details, click Update.

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