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AI Ideapad

Probyto AI allows teams to business ideas & have discussions around it. Share and discuss new innovative use cases with team. Upvote, Tag users and Comment in Ideas.
AI Ideapad

Ideas are abstract concepts that people can understand and has no physical form. Ideas are nothing but an outcome of one's detailed thinking.

You don't need to be too "artistic" to be creative. Everyone can learn to generate bold, groundbreaking ideas by adopting a creative approach and applying the best tools.

In an organization every employee has an opinion of his/her own. Ideas can include goals, strategies, concepts, designs, styles, plans, stories, actions etc. The most valuable type of idea is one that can pushes your organization's vision forward in one big leap. Think of Apple and the iPhone, and just in time think Facebook's like button. All of these ideas propelled these companies forward and gave them a big leap over the competition.

Probyto AI provides you a feature called AI Ideapad, where you can share your business ideas by adding them in AI Ideapad and can work upon them explicitly in collaboration with your colleagues.

To add idea in AI Ideapad, follow this step-
Click on the Add Idea button in AI Ideapad on the right of your screen to make your idea visible to others in your organization.
2. After this you need to give all the necessary details such as-

  • Department name - Your specific department or workspace you belong to in the organization.
  • Idea status- By default the idea status will be Open, once created. We can customize the statuses in Service Settings. The default statuses are:
    • Open- As soon as an idea is added, its initial status is Open.
    • Active- Its status changes from Open to Active when someone upvotes, comments or attach any relevant documents.
    • Closed- An idea becomes closed when it remains inactive for past 30 days.
    • Transformed-Business usecases inspired from the lists of ideas in AI Ideapad are tagged as transformed.
  • Idea type- Choose your preferred idea type by configuring relevant type of ideas in Service Settings.
  • Idea Description-Provide detailed description of your idea so that other members has clarity with ease.
  • Due date- Provide due date of idea expiry etc.

As soon as you have successfully added your idea which you want to share, you can track all the successfully uploaded ideas in the AI Ideapad homescreen shared by you and your colleagues.


As soon as you have successfully added your idea which you want to share, you can track all the successfully uploaded ideas in the AI Ideapad homescreen shared by you and your colleagues.
To edit idea details
Click on any idea of your choice, there is an Edit option on the right-hand side of that selected idea.
Probyto AI also gives you an option where you can get FAQs written by the idea owner,to increase your clarity for that particular idea under Idea Brief tab.


Apart from tracking your ideas, Probyto AI provides you some more important features such as -

  • Comment-Through comment , anyone can give his/her opinions on your idea so that.
  • Upvote- One can show support to your idea by upvoting it. The more upvote, the more popular will rise at the top and the less popular will sink.
  • Attach- You can also attach any relevant documents related to it so that others can get more information about your ideas just by clicking on the attach button on the right.
  • Tag users - You can tag users for discussions.


There is an option Filter on the right side of the AI Ideapad home screen, where you can filter the uploaded ideas categorywise, namely,-

  • Department
  • User ID
  • Idea status etc.
  • so that you can get insights on which idea you need to work on.