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Radix Sort Algorithm in Data Structures

Radix is used when records are keyed by multiple fields and we want to sort on three keys month, day and year . Sorting the data three times using Radix sort first on the date, then on month, and finally on year could be used.
Radix Sort Algorithm in Data Structures

The idea of the radix sort is to do digit by digit sorting startng from the least significant digit to the high significant digit.

Radix sort uses counting sort as a subroutine to sort.

Do following for each digit i where i varies from least significant digit to the most significant digit.

  • Sort input array using counting sort (or any stable sort) according to the i’th digit.

Original, unsorted list: 170, 45, 75, 90, 802, 24, 2, 66

Sorting by least significant digit (1s place) gives: [*Notice that we keep 802 before 2, because 802 occurred before 2 in the original list, and similarly for pairs 170 & 90 and 45 & 75.]

170, 90, 802, 2, 24, 45, 75, 66

Sorting by next digit (10s place) gives: [*Notice that 802 again comes before 2 as 802 comes before 2 in the previous list.]

802, 2, 24, 45, 66, 170, 75, 90 Sorting by the most significant digit (100s place) gives: 2, 24, 45, 66, 75, 90, 170, 802

What is the running time of Radix Sort?
Let there be d digits in input integers. Radix Sort takes O(d*(n+b)) time where b is the base for representing numbers, for example, for the decimal system, b is 10. What is the value of d? If k is the maximum possible value, then d would be O(logb(k)). So overall time complexity is O((n+b) * logb(k)).

Is Radix Sort preferable to Comparison based sorting algorithms like Quick-Sort?
If we have log2n bits for every digit, the running time of Radix appears to be better than Quick Sort for a wide range of input numbers. The constant factors hidden in asymptotic notation are higher for Radix Sort and Quick-Sort uses hardware caches more effectively. Also, Radix sort uses counting sort as a subroutine and counting sort takes extra space to sort numbers.

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