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The React Roadmap to success

React is very popular front-end JavaScript framework in web development world nowadays. Once you are comfortable with it then writing a web application becomes easier and enjoyable.
The React Roadmap to success

React allows you to create a large application by using  SPA  i.e.  Single Page Application An application that consists of a single page- a single URL. That's why it is very fast so you don't need to wait for reloading the whole new page instead you just reload the parts of the page. It only supports the UI components so, in order to get fully fledged website we need to integrate this with other technologies like redux etc.

React divides the UI into multiple components, which makes the code easier to read and debug also enhance the reusability of code.

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Benefits and Features of  React:

Easy creation of dynamic and complex applications with less coding.

React Improved performance by allowing multiple users to work on each component simultaneously , which speeds up the development times. Also it uses Virtual DOM which compares the component's previous states and updates only the items in the Real DOM that were changed ,instead of updating all the component again.

It uses Components, State and props:-

Components are the building blocks of any react application. React divides the UI into independent reusable parts that can be processed separately which is the beauty of the react.

State stores the data or information about the component like  an object. Whenever components state changes (in response to user's action),the component re-renders.

Props are short for properties like html attributes. It passes data from one component to others as in function arguments. Don't worry I will provide you the link below where you can acquire a deep knowledge about how states and props work.

Also how to write your very first code with react.

React.js for Beginners — Props and State Explained
React.js is one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries that everyfront-end developer should know. Understanding what props and state are and thedifferences between them is a big step towards learning React. In this blog post, I will explain what props and state are, and I will alsoclarify …

React is all about components, state and props .Once you understand these concepts it becomes very easy for you to build large scale  and complex applications.

It can be used for both  web and mobile apps development. There is a framework called React Native which is used for mobile applications.

React – A JavaScript library for building user interfaces
A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

So, here you can learn and start building your react based applications.


A Strategic Roadmap to Learning React.js | Career Karma
As you search the web, you will find many articles about React.js, also referred to simply as React. This post is not a step by step guide to creating your first React application but a strategic roadmap to follow to make learning React easier.

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