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The SecureElect - Blockchain based Electronic Voting System to Enable Online

Blockchain technology works alongside an online election system so that all votes - whether cast at polling stations or on personal devices - are transmitted and processed together in a secure way.
The SecureElect - Blockchain based Electronic Voting System to Enable Online

Authors: Srivathshan KS, Elamathi S, Parvej Reja Saleh
Issue: Vol. 1 No. 01 (2020): Probyto AI Journal

In democratic systems, voting is a central piece as it gives individuals in a community to voice their opinion. E-voting was acquainted to address few concerns, such as decrease in number of voters, security and accessibility of current voting systems. However, it isn’t financially savvy and still requires full supervision by a central authority. In view of the high security and verifiability, e-voting system has been a popular expression in the continuous years. The blockchain is an emerging, decentralized, and distributed technology that promises to enhance different aspects of many industries. The blockchain with the smart contracts, rises as a decent possibility to use in improvements of more secure, less expensive, more straightforward, and ease to-utilize e-voting frameworks. This paper intends to assess prerequisites of building electronic voting frameworks and distinguishes the lawful and technological limitations of utilizing blockchain as an administration for acknowledging such systems. The paper begins by assessing a portion of the popular blockchain structures that offer blockchain as an administration followed by discussing different consensus algorithms and finally choosing the right infrastructure and the algorithm for the problem. We have built a web platform which is used to simulate the voting process with blockchain and the results of the system for transparency, security and immunity to data tampering is presented. Additionally, we have discussed the possibilities of Aadhar card as an authentication mechanism for e-voting frameworks.

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The SecureElect - Blockchain based Electronic Voting System to Enable Online | Probyto AI Journal

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