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Tools Used In Software Testing

There are many testing tools with different characteristics that can fulfill the numerous requirements of organizations to test in order to select the appropriate approach.
Tools Used In Software Testing

Software testing is the most fundamental layer in the software development process, as it represents the process of quality validation and verification of a software product.

Testing must be done before deploying the software for use, this helps to discover errors on time and ensure the functionalities of the software works as necessary.

The Most Widely Used Tools For Software Testing

The decision to choose the test tool requires studying the extent of testing and test methodology, then afterward selecting the correct test tool that meets requirements.


Selenium is an open-source testing system that is completely free and makes web application testing much easier. It helps to complete test using different programming languages like Java, PHP, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl.


It is an automated testing tool used for functional testing, can be recorded effectively & generate tests for Windows, Web, Android, and iOS applications. Automated scripts can be composed of Python, C++Script, VBScript, Jscript, or JavaScript languages as well.

It promotes various testing models and methods, for example; unit testing, Graphical User-interface Testing (GUI) testing, and functional testing.

Robot Framework

Robot Framework is also another open-source test automation framework. Selenium Library is among one of the numerous test libraries that can be utilized with it. Testers and Automation developers equally use this framework for software automation testing.


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