Google Analytics use case helps marketers to control, visualize and analyze all key performance indicators related to a web presence. It gives a detailed overview of the performance of each content on your website, audience specific characteristics, interests of website visitors, organic and paid search traffics and conversion probability. Professional GA dashboards are the foundation for successful and sustainable optimization of the website performance.

Problem Statement

  1. Which are the pages and links your visitors click the most?
  2. What is the number of the people are visiting your website? Which demographic locations they are coming from?
  3. How the visitors locate your website?

Key Machine Learning Models

  1. Predictive Modelling
  2. Recommendation Engine
  3. Data-Driven Marketing
  4. Predicting Content Quality for Ranking Purposes
Sessions vs Bounce Rates
Sessions vs Bounce Rates


Key Business KPIs

  1. Sessions and Users
  2. New and Returning Visitors
  3. Bounce Rate
  4. Goal Conversion Rate
  5. Average Page Load Time
  6. Time on Page
  7. Organic vs Paid Sessions
  8. Top 5 Search Queries
  9. Top 10 Landing Pages

Data Sources

  1. Business Data
  2. Website urls
  3. Social Media APIs