IT use case focuses on managing the customer data efficiently, providing supports using chatbots, handling ticket responses, recommendation system,real time customization, code optimization, database, network and storage performance analysis.

Problem Statements

  1. How is the performance of the IT product?
  2. How to get resources in IT industry?
  3. How to optimize the infrastructure cost?
  4. How to do to enhance the support for IT systems?

Key Machine Learning Models

  1. Attrition Prediction
  2. Happiness Index of employee
  3. Sentiment Analysis
  4. Recommendation system
  5. Resource Optimizations

Key Business KPIs

  1. Attrition percentage
  2. Happiness Index of employee
  3. Resource Utilization
  4. Code Coverage
  5. Maintanance cost reduction
  6. Capacity utilization

Data Sources

  1. Databases
  2. SAP
  3. Excel/CSV Reports
  4. Online sourcess