LinkedIn use case focuses on analytics solutions with three priorities, Deliver data on demand, Make the insights actionable, and Harness real-time updates on LinkedIn i.e. provide the most accurate view of labor market trends at any given moment.

Problem Statements

  1. Where do the followers come from?
  2. What kind of content engages most?
  3. Where should you find new contacts?
  4. How is your profile performing over time?
  5. How is your engagement developing?

Key Machine Learning Models

  1. Performance Indicators
  2. Engagement Rate Prediction
  3. Activity Optimizer
  4. Followers Prediction
  5. Traffic Source Analyzer

Key Business KPIs

  1. Followers’ Demographics
  2. Impressions & Reach
  3. Engagement Rate
  4. Contact & Network Growth
  5. Profile Views by Job Title

Data Sources

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Business Data
  3. Google Analytics