Marketing uses cases aims to identify leads to sell the products efficiently with help of optimized campaigns for different types of customers with different offers. Marketing is aimed to increase the ROI of any business and with enough data effective marketing strategy could be identified.

Problem Statements

  1. How is the performance of the Marketing as a whole with respect to ROI and as per products?
  2. Who is the ideal customers? And What is the best way to contact them?
  3. Who is the most valued customer? And How to retain the existing?

Key Machine Learning Models

  1. Customer segmentation to identify MQL
  2. Customer churn model
  3. Customer life time value
  4. Marketing mix models for campaign optimization
  5. ROI forcast
Return of Investment in Marketing
Return of Investment in Marketing

Key Business KPIs

  1. Return on Investment
  2. Lead to MQL ratio
  3. Customer Lifetime Value
  4. MQL to SQL ratio

Data Sources

  1. SAP Sales and Marketing
  2. Hubspot Marketing, and sales
  3. ERP Sales and Marketing
  4. Excel/CSV Reports