Sales uses cases focusses on improving the revenue by targeting right customer, selling the right product to the right customer, Make sure not to lose any customer and Prevent any loss by forecasting sales upfront. The Data driven approach to sales has proven to be effective on increasing ROI.

Problem Statements

  1. How is the performance of the sales as a whole and as per products?
  2. Who is the Customer likely to churn? Who are the potential customers? What is the life time value of the customers?
  3. What discounts to which customer will help improve sales?

Key Machine Learning Models

  1. Sales forecast
  2. Customer segmentation to identify SQL from MQL
  3. Customer churn model
  4. Customer life time valueMarket response models
  5. Upselling and Cross selling propensity models
Sales Growth and Forecast

Key Business KPIs

  1. Sales Growth and target
  2. Customer Churn rate
  3. Customer Lifetime Value
  4. Sales growth and forecast

Data Sources

  1. SAP Sales
  2. Hubspot Sales
  3. ERP Sales
  4. Excel/CSV Reports