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What are the Six Vs of Big Data?

Big data is often described with the help of six Vs. Big data is often described with the help of six Vs. 1.Volume 2.Variety 3.Velocity 4.Value 5.Veracity 6.Variablity
What are the Six Vs of Big Data?

Six Vs of Big Data :-

  • Volume
  • Velocity
  • Variety
  • Variability
  • Veracity
  • Value


  • The ability to ingest, process and store very large datasets.
  • The data can be generated by machine, network, human interactions on system etc.
  • The data is measured in petabytes or even Exabyte.


  • Speed of data generation and frequency of delivery.
  • The data flow is massive and continuous which is valuable to researchers as well as business for decision making for strategic competitive advantages and ROI.
  • For processing of data with high velocity tools for data processing known as Streaming analytics were introduced.


  • It refers to data from different sources and types which may be structured or understand.
  • The unstructured data creates problems for storage, data mining and analyzing the data.
  • With the growth of data, even the type of data has been growing fast.


  • This refers to establishing if the contextualizing structure of the data stream is regular and dependable even in conditions of extreme unpredictability.
  • It defines the need to get meaningful data considering all possible circumstances.


  • It refers to the biases, noises and abnormality in data.
  • This is where we need to be able to identify the relevance of data and ensure data cleansing is done to only store valuable data.
  • Verify that the data is suitable for its intended purpose and usable within the analytic model.
  • The data is to be tested against a set of defined criteria.


  • Refers to purpose, scenario or business outcome that the analytical solution has to address.
  • Does the data have value, if not is it worth being stored or collected?
  • The analysis needs to be performed to meet the ethical considerations.
What Is Big Data?
Big data is data that cannot be processed without special tools due to its volume and variety. Read this article to learn more about how big data can be used in business.

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