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What is Apache Superset?

Apache Superset is an open-source software cloud-native application for data exploration and data visualization able to handle data at a petabyte-scale (big data).
What is Apache Superset?

Superset is a modern BI app with a simple interface, feature-rich when it comes to views, that allows the user to create and share dashboards.

This app is simple and doesn’t require programming, and allows the user to explore, filter and organise data. The best part is… it’s Open Source.

What does Apache Superset provide?

What is truly appealing about Apache Superset is the fact that you can explore each dashboard in a complex way. Superset allows you to focus on each graph/metric and easily filter and organise.

Another attractive feature in this app is the SQL/IDE editor with interactive querying.

Concerning security, Superset allows you to define a list of users and a list of default functionalities (associated with the groups of users) and allows you to view user statistics, providing you total control. You can establish baseline permissions, as well as granting access to certain views or menus. The app also provides an action log.

Visually, Superset has a minimalist and well-organized interface. Even though it is not as easy to use as Tableau, Superset can be an alternative to creating dashboards or people with some knowledge of SQL.

Apache Superset Open Source BI: almost the alternative to Tableau | Xpand IT
What is Apache Superset?Learn all about this Business Intelligence solution with minimal interface and interesting views that allow the creation of dashboards and sharing. Know all about the advantages and disadvantages of this solution and how it compares to Tableau.

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